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Raynham Park Studio

Studio Specs

Auckland CBD high stud Manhattan Loft Studio 

338m2 (roughly size and dimensions of a basketball court)

three capture/event layouts with turf and carpeting options

Green Room,  Dressing Room, Catering, and Hair & Makeup Room

Shower and 8 washrooms facilities

Four lighting grids and 50M plus  of mobile draping tracks


Events Services

Design: creative vision, spatial layout, talent ideation

and funding models

Marketing: content creation, ticketing and advertising

Pre-Production: content creation, lighting, visual, Audio,

rehearsals & spatial set-ups

Production: talent, tech ops, film/photography,

hospo, security, & catering

Post Production: Content Editing, Cleaning, & Financials

In-House Tech Riders

Touring Audio Systems

Film & Show Lighting

Staging & Drapes

360 Projections & Holographics

Backline. Mixers & DJ Controllers

Cine & Vintage Video Cameras

Editing and Storage

Grid Fiber Wifi and Streaming

Layout/Floor Plan

Content Creators Spatial Layout

A typical content shoot is shot in our infinity cove using four point pre rigged remotely controlled lighting system. The system comprises of 3 skypanels to fill the background, 3 panels to accent the back/top of the subject, and diffused lights for the subject and as well for fill. Natural lighting is used as well through large skylights over the shooting area, as well through the bay windows. Creators can opt to use there own capture equipment or our range of 6K Ronin 4D cameras with 25, 35, 50 and 90mm prime lens options. The studio also has both 80’s or 90’s vintage camera options to choose from as well. Further layouts are available and you’ll find in our tastes section. The video below is shot using this method and in house equipment noted.

Events Spatial Layout

Our clients events are very diverse and each one we go through with key aspects of there event to figure out the optimal layout. Samples of some of these layouts you’ll find in our tastes section. In the video below you will find one of our more common layouts which we call the concert room. In this layout we provide sound/elevated staging under pre-pre-rigged lighting for talent or speakers adjacent to the bay windows.  The back of the studio we use for catering, with two service stations at opposite ends of the studios central floor area. We also use the green room for additional catering space if required as well for talent & the event team. We finish off with lighting and visual designs to create mood best suited to each event type. 

Sound/Elevated Stages

In studio we have 10 * 2m by 1m stage pieces. We can size the stage and position in the studio to best suite each booking, The most common set-ups are in the Infinity cove, boiler room (center stage below skylight), and concert room (facing K-road). All three locations have ceiling lighting rigs and pre-wired audio.

content crew

james edgar



door bell

james cider




events crew

kahukura royal


amani sila


matt mcgregor




four winters

production manager

fat kitty






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