you don’t know what you don’t know, a taste of what’s possible at raynham park


With 338m2 of shooting space, pre-rigged & movable lighting, visual systems, editing workstations, 6K cameras, haze, 25ml to 90ml lens options... most clients can be shooting in minutes of arriving. Creating storyboards further helps communicating your vision for shoots and ensures everything in place prior to arrival. Apart from a few props, all content shown here was created with studio in-house equipment.


events are not one size fits all... how many guests are expected? will there be catering? are there performances? how much seating may be needed? what will the general studio layout look like? is a run sheet needed?.... knowing this along with other details helps inform what the suitable capacity for your event, along with staff and other resources require. Don't know? No worries, were here to help, below are samples to help with ideas from other events. You can see how the studio is transformed and the quality level we put in making all events here to make each one memorable. Apart from a few items, all content shown here was created with studio in-house assets and resources.

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