Raynham Park Studio is a 330 M2 open plan studio in the heart of Auckland's creative district, Karangahape Road. The studio is made up of a curated group of visual, performance, media, fashion, beauty and musical artists. The studio supports artists through venture mentoring, design thinking, creative technologies, and most importantly an inspirational environment to both create and exhibit within.

Through a multi-configuration spatial design the studio provides the following spaces and operates 24/7.

  • Storytelling and Exhibition
  • Performance Arts
  • Photography and Asset Capture
  • Teaching and Training
  • Custom Product Fabrication
  • Digital Music Production
  • Design and Collaboration Rooms
  • Wardrobe Changing, Showers and Make-up
  • Next Generation Creative Technologies (ie. lighting, audio, video, and gaming)
  • Workspaces (ie. desk, chair, and internet) and Softspaces (ie. chill out and reflect)
  • Aicon and Heating
  • Natural Lighting

Should you require the use of the studio services outside of the studio's physical space; we also supply off-site services that can bring components of the studio to your desired location.

The studio operates on four key principles:

  1. Diversification
  2. Collaboration
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Sustainability